What is Letters of Intent?

A Letter of Intent, or ‘LOI’, is a non-binding legal agreement used when a purchaser of a business makes an offer to invest in or acquire a business. It is also, in our case, the official newsletter of Majority Search, a private investment firm focused on acquiring small companies throughout North America.

With this newsletter, we’ll write about topics related to small business, private equity, and investing, with the objective of sharing what we are learning and building a community of other people interested in the same areas. We hope you’ll subscribe and join all of the others already on the list.

Who writes this?

Tim Ludwig and Justin Burris are the primary authors of Letters of Intent. Our day job is running Majority Search. Before that Tim spent almost 15 years investing in traditional search funds and, more recently, building a small portfolio of recurring revenue service businesses. Prior to Majority Search, Justin was an investment professional with a large merchant bank, BDT Capital Partners, where he focused on advising and investing in large family-owned firms. Together, we possess a deep passion for small business and their growth and stewardship over very long periods of time.

Who should subscribe?

Anyone interested in small business operations, private equity, search funds, entrepreneurship through acquisition, and anyone with curiosity and an interest in business.

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Writings about small business and investing from the team at Majority Search


Writings about small business and investing from the team at Majority Search
Co-founder of Majority Search